Vegetable Availability

As we produce all our vegetable plants ourselves (mostly from seed) on the nursery, we have the opurtunity to grow them in smaller, more numerous crops. This means that we have an almost continous supply of plants at the ideal stage (or as near as damn it!) for planting straight out; ideal for those growers who like to grow successional plantings, in order to have a continous supply of veg for the kitchen (friends, relatives and neighbours kitchens too, apparently!).

Additionally, the majority of our vegetable plants are produced in trays which can be readily separted into not just small multiples, but individual plants (for most varieties). However many plants it requires to fill your rows, or if you need to fill in a hole or two (darn those pesky slugs, snails and rabbits!), or even if you have a (very)  small plot and want to grow a range of veg, you can have the quantity you prefer/require - even if it's 1.

Below you will find a list of the different varieties of vegetable plants we have for sale over the season. The availability is a rough guide to when we have them available,  not a gaurantee and is subject to the growing season. This availability can also be used as a rough guide for when to plant each variety.

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Artichoke, GlobeApril - JuneGarlicFebruary - March
AubergineApril - JuneKaleMay - August
BeetrootMarch - JuneLeekApril - September
Broad BeansFebruary - JuneSummer LettuceMarch - August
French BeansMay - JulyWinter LettuceNovember - February
Runner BeansMay - JulyMelonMay - July
Purple BroccoliJune - August
Brussel SproutsApril - AugustPeasFebruary - June
Summer CabbageMarch - June
Chilli PepperMay - July
Savoy CabbageApril - August
Sweet PepperMay - July
Winter CabbageJune - August
Summer OnionMarch - May
Spring CabbageSeptember - October
Red CabbageApril - AugustWinter OnionSeptember - October
CalabreseApril - JuneWinter Onion (sets)October - January
CardoonAll YearPumpkinMay - July
CauliflowerMarch - JulyRhubarbAll year
CeleriacMay - JuneSquashMay - July
CeleryMay - JunePerpetual SpinachMarch - July
ChardMarch - June
CourgetteMay - JulySweetcornMay - July
CucumberMay - JulyTomatoesMarch - June
Florence FennelMay - JuneWatermelonMay - July